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5 inch Wusthof Boning Knife - $59.99

Wusthof classic 5 inch boning knife regular price $84.00 our sale price $59.99



8 inch Bread Knife - $79.99

Wusthof classic 8 inch bread knife regular price $104.00 our sale price $79.99



Candy Thermometer - $20.95

Classic, Candy, Jelly and Deep Fry Thermometer. Not your everyday run of the mill thermometer. Precision Performance. Durable Stainless Steel. Insulated Handle. Dishwasher Safe. Large - Easy to Read! A must have!



Ceramic Knife 3 - $39.99

WOW! This is the sharpest knife you will ever experience from Japan. No need to ever sharpen this knife. You must have one of these.



Ceramic Peeler - $15.50

Throw away all of your rusty metal peelers and experience the sharpest - NEVER rust peelers from Japan. Don't forget to try the ceramic knife too.



Gift Certificates - $50.00

A Loretta Paganini School of Cooking Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift. It can be used for cooking classes or in our gourmet store.



Gift Certificates - $100.00

A Loretta Paganini School of Cooking Gift Certificate is a wonderful gift. It can be used for cooking classes or in our gourmet store.



Herb Grinder - $29.99

Chop all your fresh herbs the easy way, great for mincing garlic and ginger! Made in Italy from Stainless Steel.



How to Garnish Kit - $24.99

The easy way to Garnish like a Gourmet! Everything you need to make your presentation great! This kit comes with the book, instructions and tools.



Madeline Pan - $9.99

Impress your guests with these awesome French Cookies. A light, buttery cookie will please the most finicky guest! You can find the recipe on the LPSC Recipe Book online. ENJOY!



Mandolin Slicer - Japanese - $36.99

This Mandolin is compact, sturdy and very sharp. It comes with a guard. Simple, durable and a must-have!



Olive Pitter - $6.00

Quick and Easy olive or cherry pitter made in Italy. Stainless Steel. Make this chore easy on yourself.



Pasta Pronto Video - $5.00

Pasta Pronto Video



Pepper Mill - Pepper Mate - $44.99

Pepper has really found its mate. This unique PepperMill is easy so easy to use and stores an abundance of peppercorn as well as fresh ground pepper for your ease. FINALLY!



Potato Ricer - $18.00

Stainless Steel Potato Ricer with two interchangeable disks. Do you love Gnocchi??? This is your tool. Make lump free mash potatos with this Ricer. Made in Italy.



Silicone HotPad - $7.00

It's HOT HOT HOT!!! The Latest Potholder/Trivet in a multitude of Colors. You can choose between jade, yellow, green, blue, black, red and white. Size measures 7" x 7". Sure not to burn! Easy Care - wash this great hotpad in the dishwasher or simply wipe off.



Silpat 11 5/8 - $22.50

...For 13"x18" sheet pan - Silpat the tool for the pros. Praised by the most famous pastry chefs in the world! Prevents sticking and makes clean-up a breeze. Terrific for large cookies.



Slicer for Mushrooms, Strawberries, etc. - $20.99

Top of the line - total quality Slicer. Five (5) year warranty. Take the hassle out of slicing your mushrooms and strawberries.



Thermometer - Instant Read - $6.99

Stainless Steel Stem, Instant Read, Pocket Case. This must-have thermometer reads your temps within 30 seconds. Very durable.



Tong - 10 - $10.50

Choose your color - Red, Yellow or Blue - these 10" tongs will brighten up your kitchen, matching cutting boards are also available. Stainless Steel.



Wustof 3 1/2 inch Pairing Knife - $29.99

The 3 1/2 inch pairing knife regular price $56.00 on Sale for $29.99. This is the knife to start your collection of the finest knives in the world.





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